Chocolate Hills in Bohol

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The Chocolate Hills is considered one of the natural Wonders of the World, composed of 1,776 cone-shaped hills. The origin of its name comes from the fact that the hills turns brown in the hot summer days that they look like Hersheys Chocolate Kisses.

The Chocolate Hills Complex is the main destination for best viewing of the Chocolate Hills. It located in Barangay Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol. The complex is composed of two chocolate hills developed years and years ago and transformed into a complex complete with cemented road going up, restaurant, conference room, swimming pool, activity area with water fountain, 200+ steps with covered deck rest stops along the way and metal railing to aide your climb way up to the 360 degress Observation Deck, Virgin Mary Grotto, beautiful and tall pine trees to shade the steps. The Chocolate Hills Complex also developed new building structures with different accommodations to cater to visitors that wish to stay overnight in the middle of the Chocolate Hills.

The Origin and Myths

There are several myths and beliefs that has been spreading around as to how the Chocolate Hills came into existence. One myth is that of two giants fighting, throwing dirt balls against each other, that is why the chocolate hills are uniformly shaped that transformed into cone-shape hills after several rains. Another myth is that of a giant sobbing tears into the ground creating the hills formation. The accepted scientific explanation is that the Chocolate Hills where formed from the seabed and coral reefs which gradually rose up and were drained. Rain then washed away the softer areas creating the hills which are mainly composed of limestone.


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